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Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Lynne was a single Mother at 19, and survivor of domestic violence. Lynne fled her abuser with only the clothes on her back and her 9 month old son. During this time she lived in hiding due to threats made,  fearing for both her and her child's safety.  She re-started her life in Rapid City cleaning motel rooms and taking night classes.  She graduated in 1999 with her Bachelor's degree and in 2002 with her Master's degree. This background drove her desire to find a way to have a voice for others. 

Elected in 2014 to the South Dakota State House, not only as the youngest woman in the House, but as only 1 of 10 women, among 70 members. She has served in elected office for five years and is currently a State Senator. She has sponsored and worked on legislation in areas of education, gun rights, domestic violence, missing persons, and insurance regulations. She was chosen by Brigette Gabriel, of Act for America, nationally as “State Legislator of the Year” after sponsoring a bill to make the practice of female genital mutilation illegal.  In 2018 she was awarded “The George Washington Award for Courage in Battle” for her legislative work by political author and speaker David Horowitz. 

After working on legislation in South Dakota strengthening laws to protect victims of human trafficking, she co-founded, a non-profit which provides anti- human trafficking education, and provides support to victims. She has been interviewed by Tomi Lahren and Jesse Watters (Fox News) and been featured in the Washington Times, New York Post as well as many other national publications for her legislative work and interests.  

Her desire to give others a voice, and provide a forum for those who have been mistreated or overlooked is the inspiration for

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